What is Anti-bacterial agent・Grapefruit Seed Extract 「D-100」?

It is a natural anti-bacterial-agent which is extracted from immature grapefruit seed and has excellent anti-bacterial effect including fungus.

Application examples of Grapefruit Seed Extract 「D-100」

1 Textile/unwoven textile

Textile/unwoven textile

*Product examples
  Air conditioner filter, air cleaner filter, wet tissue/sheet.

2 Cosmetics・hair care products

It can serve as a safe, natural preservative in place of chemical preservatives.

*Product examples
  Preservatives for cosmetics, shampoo etc.

3 Anti-bacterial/deodorizing agent

It can provide a continuous anti-bacterial agent by adding to alcohol etc. for spraying.

*Product examples
  Household spray, car spray including deodorization.

4 Plastic products・household items

D-100 addition enables anti-bacterial function.

*Product examples
  Food container, package, films etc.