What is Anti-bacterial agent・Shell-Calcinated Calcium「H-S」?

It is the approved food additive and highly-safe calcium which has been widely applied to various foods.
It is proved highly effective in counteracting microbes including food-poisonous bacteria, mold, yeast and so on.
It is also effective for protection against drip, oxidization, color fade (especially green color) and for stickiness while yielding improvement, taste improvement, quality improvement and so on.

Application examples of Anti-bacterial agent・Shell-Calcinated Calcium「H-S」

1 Preservation of food・improvement of taste

It improves shelf-life of food material・processed food by direct addition or dipping in its solution. Also it is effective for texture improvement of some foods.

*Application examples:
  Vegetables・fruits, fish, marine processed foods, meat, noodles, sweets etc.

2 Anti-bacterializing plastics such as packing materials

It aims to anti-bacterialize those packing materials such as plastic film which directly attaches to food, by addition or coating.. A higher effect can be expected by mixing other anti-bacterial agents, anti-fungus agents, deodorizers etc.