What is Persimmon Extract for Deodorant 「Pancil」 ?

It has been well known that a persimmon or persimmon tannin (a type of polyphenol compound) has various useful properties since long time ago.
For example,the Japanese use it as a disinfectant for ‘sushi’,a moth repellent for colothes,awood preservative,and so on.

Pancil is the deodorant extracted form a persimmon.
The effective ingredient is condensed tannin which has higher ability for deodorizing than that of green tea,According to many previous research works in Japan,the persimmon tannin has many hydroxy1 group (-OH) as shown in this figure,resulting in the high deodorizing ability.

Pancil uses

1 Foods

Pancil is applicable to almost all types of foods including,for example,drinks,sweets,noodles,processed foods,retort pouch foods,and seasonings.
When added to deodorizing foods,it can effectively control breath odor,body odor,and stool odor.
It can also control raw material odor (foreign smell) from foods,thus improving the flavor.
It can prevent deterioration of food components (oxidation).

BA-200E-1 Pamphlet(PDF)
PS-M Pamphlet(PDF)
2 Cosmetics

Pancil can effectively control body odor when it is added to shampoo,rinse,soap,etc.
It can alleviate the smell of perm and the base the hair.

COS-17 Pamphlet(PDF)
BA-210-1 Pamphlet(PDF)
3 Household Goods , Manufacturing Products

Pancil can provide products with deodorizing effect when it is added by means of impregnation,dipping,kneading or other processing methods.
It can effectively control foreign odor from raw materials and can improve products’ qualities.
Pancil can effectively reduce bad odor in a refrigerator,a car,and a room by being added to spray and gel or by being processed into carriers such as beads and absorbent polymers.